I’m going to get all emotional and shit here but we’ve reached the end of the Speak Now era and we’re now going into the era of the fourth album so this really has to be said.

I won’t forget the two years we’ve all had together, trading the singles off Speak Now like Speak Now and Mine when they were just so new, counting down to the next Wednesday then a new single would be released, screaming and wailing whenever you saw the music video for Mine.. Then when the album was fully released, we took to unravelling who the songs were about, John, Joe, Adam.. Dancing around to The Story Of Us, crying to Last Kiss, proudly clutching our hands over our hearts as she sang out Long Live for us, looking around your bedroom and taking everything in as you listen to Never Grow Up. We let Speak Now become a big part of our lives, letting her guide us through a break-up, falling in love, moving out. Now we’re going to get to do that with the fourth album.

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you, guys. I love you all so much, especially the die hard Swift fans like myself. Now we get to watch our baby grow up and show off her new album, these next two years, lets make them the best years they can be.

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